When providers, payers, and government agencies look for a fair, comprehensive analysis of medical record and billing documentation performed in a timely, cost-efficient manner, they bring in the Veritas team.

Our medical professional reviewers, including board-certified physicians and registered nurses, cover high-demand specialty areas. Using their clinical experience and understanding of current medical necessity and coverage guidelines, Veritas can guarantee a methodical examination that identifies potential areas of vulnerability quickly and accurately. That's because our expert staff makes the right decisions in the right amount of time.

Provide us with the procedural and/or diagnosis code selection and we will target and evaluate those codes, looking for improper usage or potentially concerning patterns. Our healthcare audits target areas including the following:

  • Undocumented services
  • Lack of supporting documentation
  • Services not billed or reported
  • Appropriate physician signatures
  • Proper forms and documentation (e.g., consent, ABN, insurance)

We provide focused retrospective, prospective and concurrent audits. Contact us to learn more.

Note: Our team may be in a position to assist your organization with work related to but outside of the scope described above. Learn about how Veritas "Special Projects" deliver services tailored to meet specific job needs.