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Veritas can also meet your organization’s needs for more intense Care Management services

Address Patient Populations with the Appropriate Level of Care

Once you have identified the patient populations that require attention with your population management system, you have only solved half of the problem. What makes this data most powerful and impactful is what happens next: making this data actionable by following through with the appropriate care for the specific patient population. Whether this means sending out patient reminders for health and wellness visits or more constant contact with complex, multiple co-morbidity patients, Veritas has the dedicated clinical team to meet all of your care management needs.

While some patients will benefit from basic chronic care management services, there is an increased demand for services for the “high utilizers” or “frequent flyers.” These patients will require more intense care management with a focus n maintaining the patient’s optimal level of health to avoid potential adverse events, such as readmissions back to the hospital.

Also, if your organization is involved with quality care initiatives, such as ACO measures or PCMH standards, this population of patients can have a negative effect on your bottom line if they are not properly managed. Our interdisciplinary team of care managers include physicians, pharmacists, nurses, dieticians and social workers who all play an integral part in the formation of your patient’s plan of care.

By working together in order to provide a comprehensive and customized patient care plan to meet the needs of the patient, Veritas care managers are engaged in your patient’s health and will work together with your practice to ensure that all of your organizational needs are being addressed as well. All of our patient assessments and care plans are based on evidence-based practice guidelines to provide the most thorough and effective plan of care.


  • Customized case management to meet your organizational needs (ACO, PCMH, Hospital, Payer, CCM)
  • Scaled based on population needs
  • Evidenced based guidelines serve as foundation of care plan
  • Telephonic, IVR, e-mail and text messaging capabilities
  • Transitional care management
  • Medication compliance and pre-scriptive educational support


  • Support to allow physicians to practice at the top of their license
  • Alleviates burden off already stretched office staff
  • Ability to utilize only the services needed by your patient population
  • Improved utilization of services
  • Potential for increased income streams