About 50% of global health care executives believe that within five years, mobile health will allow patients to be more proactive participants in their own care.

-EHR Intelligence, 2/9/2015

Introducing vEngage by Veritas

Introducing vEngage, our proprietary mobile patient engagement application designed to allow open and active patient participation in their health and wellness. Unlike other “commercial” or “entertainment” mobile applications, vEngage is powered by the patient’s specific care plan, which was designed in concert with the patient’s care manager and members of the patient’s care team. vEngage allows for a bi-directional flow of information, allowing an additional line of communication between the patient and their care team members, including the patient’s physician as well as their VERITAS care manager.

Simply Yet Effective

vEngage was designed with an easy to use interface, allowing for participation among various patient and caregiver populations. Available in Android and iOS platforms, vEngage is easily accessed through the patient’s own devices – no need for any additional equipment.

Health Tasks and Logs

Driven by assigned tasks from the patient’s care plan, vEngage will send pushes to the patient, including medication reminders and documentation of health logs, such as glucose or daily weights. vEngage also houses important educational information as prescribed by the patient’s care team to allow the patient to become an active and engaged stakeholder in learning about their health and wellness.


  • Patient specific care plan
  • Medication reminders and pushes
  • Contact with care team
  • Educational resources
  • Appointment calendar
  • Health journals and logs
  • Portal connectivity
  • Bidirectional information flow
  • Android or iOS platforms
  • Caregiver access configuration available


  • Improve Meaningful Use 2 engagement
  • Minimize costs by utilizing patient’s own devices
  • Increase patient compliance
  • Obtain vital patient information in real time for proactive healthcare touches
  • Remain in constant contact with your patient population
  • Affordable and easy to deploy