“Of the more than $2 trillion spent on healthcare annually in the United States, billions are wasted on unnecessary treatments, tests, and the like – $750 billion in 2009 alone...Predictive analysis of big data can help identify patients at risk, get patients the treatment they need, and limit the number of hospitalizations and the related costs.”

-Stan Roach, Data-Informed.com, 2/19/2015

  • Veritas vSolutions vAnalytics
  • Veritas vSolutions vAnalytics
  • Veritas vSolutions vAnalytics
  • Veritas vSolutions vAnalytics

Introducing vAnalytics by Veritas

vAnalytics by Veritas provides a sophisticated integrated data analytics platform which drives an all-inclusive population management system. Our Enterprise Data Warehouse normalizes clinical and claims data from multiple disparate sources to furnish clean and reliable data for your health data needs..

Comprehensive and Normalized Data

With tools such as advanced risk stratification, care coordination, provider engagement and extensive drill-down capabilities, vAnalytics is your one source for data aggregation and management. While connecting to multiple disparate sources of data, including claims data, laboratory and pharmaceutical feeds, EMRs and HIEs, vAnalytics also has the advanced technology to normalize and cleanse the data, allowing for no duplicate or erroneous information.

Identify Vulnerable Populations

vAnalytics is available to be tailored to your organization’s specific metrics or measures which need to be addressed. Whether you are an ACO trying to ensure that all of your ACO measures have been addressed, or a PCMH focused on addressing gaps in quality and care, vAnalytics is designed to help you identify these patients and address their care accordingly.


  • Enterprise Data Warehouse
  • Comprehensive analytics and care coordination
  • Aggregation of data from multi-ple disparate data sources
  • Seamless physician engagement
  • Risk stratification and predictive modeling
  • Open platform designed to work with multiple vendors


  • Avoid errors with multiple data sources (duplicates, etc.)
  • Lower health care costs with risk of predictable high-cost events
  • Customized metrics and reporting based on your organizational needs
  • Easy-to-use dashboards and navigation
  • Advanced reporting capabilities