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  • veritas chronic care management

According to a recent survey, almost one in two respondents lack the comprehensive chronic care management (CCM) approach necessary to profit from Medicare's new reimbursement structure for select CCM services.

-Healthcare Intelligence Network, 2/17/2015

Care Managers by Veritas will meet your needs for Chronic Care Management and Beyond

Our team of interdisciplinary care managers at Veritas are ready to augment and support your case management and patient engagement needs. Acting as an extension of your practice, our clinical mentors provide evidence based assessments and patient specific care plans tailored to meet both your patient’s and your organizational goals and objectives.

What does this mean for my practice?

Veritas will provide the clinical, management and documentation services to ensure that the required elements for reimbursement are met. Your patients will reap the benefits of having the availability of an engaged care manager with direct access to the members of their care team, allowing for comprehensive and complete patient treatment and coordination of services. And since more engaged patients become more active stakeholders in their own health, your patients will become healthier and more satisfied with their care. Best of all, because Veritas offers these services at a low monthly rate below the average Medicare reimbursement, you can enjoy a new monthly revenue stream directly into your practice.

Meet your CCM Guidelines for Reimbursement with Veritas’ Care Managers

As the aging population in the United States continues to grow and enter into the Medicare space, CMS has developed programs in concert with the changes and initiatives brought on by the value based healthcare era. Recognizing that comprehensive care plan coordination and care management is a continuous process that occurs beyond the bricks and mortar structures of hospitals and physician’s offices, CMS is now allowing physicians to receive monthly reimbursement for Chronic Care Management services under code 99490. Veritas’ turnkey, patient-centric CCM solution is headed by a team of care managers that are trained and ready to address your practice’s needs in order to meet CMS requirements for reimbursement of Chronic Case Management (CCM) services. By utilizing your practice’s established electronic health record, Veritas can extract the necessary CCDA clinical summary to act as the foundation to develop a customized care plan to meet your patient’s needs.

Veritas’ CCM Program at a Glance

Patient Identification
and Enrollment


Utilizing EHR and other analytic tools, identify the patients that meet CCM coverage criteria and who would benefit from chronic care management. Provide the patient with education on the CCM program and the expected health benefits they will receive by participating in CCM services. Veritas can provide the analytical tools necessary to properly identify your eligible patient populations.

Care Plan


By extracting standard CCDA clinical summary data from the EHR to inform the care plan, our team of care managers will perform a systemic assessment of your patient’s medical, functional and psychosocial needs and generate a patient-specific care plan to provide to the patient. This care plan will then be provided to the patient and electronically transmitted to the EHR for access by all clinicians in your practice.

Provision of
CCM Services


Veritas’ team of licensed care managers will perform the clinical components of CCM services, including patient assessment and development of the care plan and ongoing communication with the patient via telephone, secure messaging and e-mail. Our interdisciplinary team of clinicians will assist the more complex patients in specific areas of practice, such as a pharmacist performing medication reconciliation on complex patients.

Ongoing CCM


With ongoing interaction and communication, our Veritas clinicians will build a trusting rapport with the patient and monitor the patient’s progress, modifying and updating the care plan accordingly. Our care managers will provide the patient with prescriptive education material, assistance with transitions of care and assign the patient with necessary health tasks to allow for the patient’s maximum benefit of the CCM program.



Ensuring that requirements for CMS reimbursement are met, our care management system tracks all necessary documentation, including the clinician’s name and credentials, task or clinical component performed and the date and time of the service. An electronic copy of the care plan is also contained within our system and reported back to the EHR. Veritas will also provide monthly billing reports and statements for convenient tracking of your practice’s revenue stream.



Veritas’ all-inclusive approach to CCM services includes continued monitoring of your patient’s health performance. Veritas will provide your practice with a periodic analysis of the benefits of the use of CCM services by determining which patients will continue to benefit from receiving CCM services and identifying health improvements in your patient population, including decreased rate of acute presentation and increased patient compliance.

Instant Revenue Stream to your Practice

Many physicians are realizing the value that the CCM program can offer to their practice, but many are still concerned about having the adequate resource to implement the program effectively. Utilize Veritas to help your practice meet your CCM needs and drive additional revenue to your practice.


6 Month

Physicians indicated they would organize and structure to meet CCM program requirements within the next 6 months


12 Month

Physicians indicated they would organize and structure to meet CCM program requirements within the next 12 month


Unable to
Implement CCM

Physicians do not believe they currently have required staff or resources to effectively implement CCM


CCM is not
an option

Physicians concerned that they do not have right technology in place to implement Kryptiq corporation survey

Realizing the value of CCM

Because our service offerings can all be provided at a monthly per patient cost which is substantially less than the average monthly reimbursement rate from CMS, your practice will benefit from an instant, recurring revenue stream. See how much your practice can potentially save here.

Recognize your potential new revenue stream


  • Interdisciplinary Clinical Team
  • Telephonic, IVR, e-mail and text messaging capabilities
  • Electronic care plan formation and deployment
  • Integration with EMR system
  • Extraction of CCDA clinical summary data for foundation of care plan


  • Meet necessary criteria for CMS reimbursement
  • Generate additional income streams for your practice
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • 24 / 7 / 365 patient access to care

Let Veritas help you get started on providing your practice with CCM services today!