Provider Systems/Hospitals

“Reducing readmissions and hospitalizations for preventable conditions alone could save the Medicare program at least $12 billion per year.”

-HealthGrades. "The Sixth Annual Health Grades Patient Safety in American Hospitals Study." Golden, CO. HealthGrades Inc, April 2009.

With looming reimbursement penalties and risks of decreased Medicare reimbursement, provider systems face a series of challenges in meeting their desired outcomes, both from a patient care and fiscal standpoint.

With the addition of two new patient conditions in 2015 and an increased penalty rate up to 3%, vSolutions by Veritas provides providers with all the necessary components to monitor and implement changes to your patient population.

vSolutions by Veritas provides Hospitals with:

Integrated Population Health Management System:

Monitor your patient population with claims and clinical data to address potential readmission risks, gaps and opportunities in care and risk stratification

Promoting Care after Discharge:

Clinical Mentors from multiple medical disciplines addressing the patient’s specific health needs and enforcing a care plan centered around avoiding potential readmission to the hospital

Continued Patient Engagement:

Encourage the patient as a stakeholder in their own wellness with our mobile patient engagement application which addresses care plan compliance, medication management, follow up care and educational resources

Sensitive to Resources:

vSolutions is fully customizable and sensitive to both your organizational and fiscal objectives.