Transitional Care Management

“Patients who received transitional care were 20 percent less likely to experience a readmission in the first year following hospital discharge than clinically similar patients who received standard care.”

-Health Affairs, Transitional Care Cut Hospital Readmissions for North Carolina Medicaid Patients with Complex Chronic Conditions, August 2013, 32:81407-1415

Following discharge, a patient may require an intense amount of care coordination and services far beyond the scope of traditional facility-based case management. Transitional Care Management (TCM) was designed to help guide patients and practitioners through this discharge to ensure a seamless transition from acute settings back to the patient’s life in the home setting.

The clinical team at Veritas is fully equipped to manage the services required for reimbursement of TCM services through CMS.

No More Lost Opportunities for Patient Care

Veritas will help to improve the care of your patient population by assisting your practice in identifying and monitoring patients that qualify for TCM services. Utilizing Veritas’ access to HIEs and ADTs, our team can find eligible patients in your practice that are being discharged from acute care facilities that would benefit from our TCM services. Identifying these patients will greatly improve the care of your patients, as well as providing an increased revenue stream into your practice nearly effortlessly with the proper utilization of TCM services.